UNITED TRIBES was and is a gang bang affair.

The Art Direction was by Ivanmaria Vele, Giovanni Calemma, Lucio Luongo, Monica Fattorusso, Vittorio Esposito.

The Graphic studio which produced the flyers was mainly KLF studio by Lucio Luongo.

Potographs were shot mainly by Lucio Luongo, Giovanni Calemma and some by Marco Basile plus the occasional photographers.

Videos were concieved by Ivanmaria Vele, Giovanni Calemma, Lulu Kennedy and Francesco Maria Quarto.

The events were organized by Ivanmaria Vele, Giovanni Calemma, Massimo Smaldone, Francesco Maria Quarto, Salvatore Autiero, Lulu Kennedy and many other “workers”, technicians, PRs.

The resident Djs were Dj Danylo (Danilo Capasso), Three Imaginary Boys (Danilo Vigorito, Marcello Simeone, Roberto Biccari) and Jg Bros (Massimo Generale and Paolo Generale).

Italian Guest Djs: Ralf, Gabriele Fasano, Ricky Montanari, Luca Colombo, Flavio Vecchi, Leo Mas, Fabrice, Andrea Gemolotto.

International Guest Djs: Masters at Work, Franckie Knuckles, Dave Morales, Kevin Saunderson, Tony Humpries, Robert Owens, Kenny Carpenter, Sean Johnstone, Paul Daley, Nick Rapaccioli, Dean Thatcher, Darren Emerson, Angela Matheson, Sister Bliss, Princess Julia, Sasha, Vicky Red.

Live Acts: Alma Megretta, Zion Train.

We’re just mentioning names for the sake of crediting but as said United Tribes was a collaborative effort where merits of the individuals merged with the common vision and project.

Also, it must be remembered that United Tribes started in 1992 with the one-nights of Ivan, Susy & Florindo (Ivanmaria Vele, Susy Luciano, Florindo Libero Cesareo) which were initially supported by PR Enzo Faiello plus Angelo Russo “Giotto”, Zia Tata and Veronica for the “Animation”.

Finally United Tribes Book will also host a section with an interview to Space Race - the only underground movement we have the pleasure to recognise as contextually relevant and intellectually stimulating for an inner city healthy progressive think thank device.